Stock Photo List

New York City
Manhattan skyline.
Buildings: World Trade Center, Cloisters.
Bridges: Washington bridge.
Churches: St. Paul Church.
Plazas: Washington Sq., Time Sq., Union Sq., Madison Sq., Rockefeller Center.
Parks: The Central Park, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Bryant Park.
Sculpture: Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Jemes Rosti (Ideogram), Friz Koeng (Sphere), Nagare (Rock), Calder (Red screw), Noguchi (Cube),Yuyu Yang, Dubuffet (Four trees), Jonson (Double Check), Henry Moor (Brooklyn Garden), G. Kolbe (Brooklyn Museum), garden sculpture (Brooklin Museum), "Cows parade", Grigorovich (Wagon).
Streets & people: firemen and cars, ise-skating & Christmas Parade in Rokefeller Center,
bag lady, etc.

Jersey City
Buildings and
Streets: City Hall, parking lot, etc.
Parks: Liberty State Park, Centennial of Statue of Liberty.
Canals: Moris Canal Basin.

Ellis Island

Amarican flag among trees.

Fall scenes: forest, river, streem, village, village market, church, covered bridges.
Winter scenes: church, house, frozen river and forest, gulls, ducks.
Spring scenes: forest, plants and flowers, like, srtreem.
Summer scenes: forest, meadow, lake, streem.
River: boating, pier, old ship, reflection.
Ocean shore: ooze. rocks, water, sand, boardwalk.
Waterfall: Baskill Falls (PA), Delaver Water Gap.
People: hors riding in forest, fishing.
Birds: ducks, gulls (incl. winter)
Flowers: cherry blossom (Branch Brook Park, NJ), Brooklyn Botanic Garden,
houses and garden plants and flovers.
Sunsets: forest (CN, USA, Spain), river (Waterloo Village, NJ, Hudson R.)
Moon : Moon and cloud.
Fragments: grass, tree stumps, fungus, leaves, bark, dry mud, ice and leaf, reed and snow, pumpkins, water reflections, steps in forest, table and bench in park.

Buildings: Institute of Meteorology, old and new architecture.

Old city (streets, people)

Buildings and
Constructions: Eiffel Tower and view of Seine, Louvre, Pantheon, Arch of Carrousel, Samaritaine.
Churches: Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris (day and night, interior, windows), Basilica of Sacre-Coer, church St. Germain des Pres, church St. Germain L'Auxerrois.
Sculpture: Statue of Liberty, sculptures of Maillol (Tuileries), Jaenne d'Ark, Pablo Picasso (Tomb of Appolinere).
Plazas: des Victories, du Parvus Notre-Dame, de la Concorde, 25 Augusst 1994, du Tertre (Montmartre).
Quays: Montenbllo, St. Misnel, de la Megisserie.
Avenue & streets: Latin Quarter, Montparnasse, Mountmartre, Av. des Champs Elysees (incl. street musicians and candy store), Av. Kennedy, des Pyramides.

The Cathedral.
Streets and canal.

Ile de France
Chateaus: Blois, Chanonceaux, Chambord.

Buildings: Shateau, St. Hubert Chapel, park, the grave of Leonardo da Vinchi.
Cloux: residence of Leonardo da Vinchi (park, exterior, interior)

Building and
Constructions: ruins of Roman wall, Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, Admiralty.
Churches: Westminster Abbey (incl. garden), Westminster Cathedral.
Plazas: Trafalgar Square, Terminus, Victoria.
Parks: Memorial Garden of Buckingham Palace, St. James.
Bridges: Tower Bridge, London Bridge
Sculptures: Roman statue, Roden (Burger of Calais), Henry Moor, "Duke of York", Nelson column, Roman statue (Tower of London)
Street and people: The Mall, Bloomsbury, Paddington, Piccadily Circus, SoHo (incl. night), Westminster, people and pigeons (Trafalgar Sq.), The Changing of Gard, etc.
Airport: interior.

Tintadgel (Cornwall)
Ruins of the Castle,
Atlantic coastline

Buildings &
constractions: Stonehenge, the Cathedral (day and night), Great Danford church.
Streets, countryside (horse, cottage, barn).


Buildings &
Streets: Crathes Castle (exterior, garden), small town.
Train station, countryside, forests (fall).

Buildings: City Hall, Municipal Museum, modern bank.
Plazas: plaza Mayor (views, statue of Philip II, outdoor café), plaza Espana.
Sculptures: monument of Servantes, outdoor sculptures, building mural.
Detail: lamps, windows, ceramics.
Streets and
People: pupils, girl on balcony.

View of town
Buildings: Alcazar, Hospital Holy Cross, San Servando Castle, museum of El Greco, a palace, Gateway, etc.
Churches: Cathedral, St. Juan de los Reyes.
Plazas: plaza de Zacodover
Jewish Quarter: synagogue El Transito, streets, houses, courtyards (day and night).
View of downtown.

Buildings &
Constructions: Cathedral-Mosque, Alcazar, tower of Calahorra, Medina Azahra (ruin
of Arab Palace 10c.)
Bridges: Roman, San Rafael.
Jewish Quarter: streets (day and night), houses, courtyards, statue of Mimonides, wall
of ghetto, gates.

View from Alahambra.
Buildings: Royal Chapel (exterior, interior, windows, organ).

General view: New Bridge.
Buildings: palace of de Marquis of Savatierra, Mondragon palace, Arab Arch, bullring.
Churches: San Maria.
Interior of a
private house: ceramic bench (Austria 19c.), wall ceramic (Italy).
Sculpture: statue of poet Rilke.
Streets and
People: outdoor café, peasant and donkey, herdsman, etc.
Environs: ruins of Roman wall, valley, forest, mountains, landscape with tree, sunset.

Buildings: palace of de Marques de Dos Auguas, University, other.
Churches: Cathedral (incl. Micalet), church de San Juan de la Cruz.
Bridges: Real Segle.
Parks: Arid canal.
Details: lamp, door, ceramics, minting, door, fountain.
Streets and
People: market, gypsies, flutist, etc.

Buildings, bridges, monuments, streets (incl. Nikolsky Cathedral, icons from Nikolsky Cathedral, Chesma church, Vitebsky terminal, Mikhailovsky Garden, monument of Peter the Great, Nevsky Avenue, etc.) and people.

General view.

Fortress 12c.

Fortress 15c.

St. Ann church (arch. Rinaldi) 18c.

Onega Lake region
Churches: Gimreka village wooden church, Scheleiki village wooden church.

Old Ladoga
Buildings and
Constractions: Barrow and settlement of prehistoric men, fortress 12c.
Churches: St. George 12c. (incl. frescos), St. Dimitry Salunsky wooden church.

Churches: Church 12c.

Buildings: Monastery( incl. belltower).
Churches: Cathedral (exterior, interior, principal icon, frescos).

North Caucasus
Constractions: Mountain Towers (Deegorsk valley).

Buildings &
Constructions: Temple of Jupiter, Citadel, Omayyad Mosque, Madhat Pasha Souq, Al Azem Palace, Franciscan Church, Al Zahiriya Library, mosques, Old City.
Plazas, streets and people.

Buildings &
Constructions: Asinelli tower, Museum Civico Medioevale (interior)
Plazas &
Streets: Plaza Neptuno, Medieval Quarter, market, monuments.
Artifacts: Museum Civico Medioevale.

Buildings: Castle of Este, Cathedral.
Streets: Via del Volte.

Buildings: Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery.
Churches: Duomo Cathedral, Baptistery, Bell Tower.
Plazas: della Signoria.
Sculptures: David (Michelandgelo), wall sculptures (Duomo, Bell Tower, Uffizi).
River: Arno view.
Bridges: Vecchio (day and night), S. Trinita, Charie.
People on streets, indor café, etc.

Churches: Basilica di S.Giustina.
Plazas: Prato della Valle (day and night)
Parks: Park at night.

Buildings &
Constructions: Temple of Ceres, Roman amphitheater, ruins.
Sculptures &
Frescos: Lucan tomb, Diver Tomb, Hera on the throne.


View of city (from Vatican City).
Buildings &
Constructions: Roman forum (T. of Saturn, T. of Vespasian, T. of Castors, Column of Phocas, Arch of S.Severus), Forum of Trajan, Baths of Diocletian, Colosseum, Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II, Vatican City, Castle of St. Angelo.
Churches: St. Peter Basilica, Synagogue.
Plazas: Campidoglio Sq., St. Peter Sq., Sq. of Spain.
Sculptures: Capitoline Wolf, Trajan's Column, Statue of M. Aurelius, Monument of V. Emanuele II, fountain Trevi sculptures, sculpture of Salvador Dali.
Vatican Museum: Egyptian an Greek sculptures (incl. Lakoon, Appolo, etc), sculpture of Pistoletto (backyard).
Bridges: St. Angello, Sisto, Palatino, Cestio.
Fountains: Trevi, street Fontana.
Jewish Quarter: Synagogue, houses,
Streets, market, people.

Streets, houses, people.
Shurches: Cathedral, Cloister.
Marina Grande: general view (day and night), streets, houses, people.

Buildings &
Constructions: View from Plazetta St. Marco. Contarini Palace (staircase "Bovolo").
Churches: Basilica of St. Mark (exterior, fasted mosaics, interior), Bell Tower, Church of San Simeone e Guida.
Plazas: Sq. of St. Mark (day and night), Plazetta St. Marco.
Grand Canal: Realto bridge (day and night), houses, gondolas.
Sculptures: Triumphal Quardriga (Basilica St. Mark).
Ghetto: canal, Campo di Ghetto Nouvo, streets, houses.
Streets, houses, people.

Angkor Wat